What you need to know

Neighbourhood Character

We have an adopted Neighbourhood Character Study and Neighbourhood Character Precinct Profiles for each residential area of Moonee Valley.

Any planning application for development in the General Residential Zone will need to have regard to the preferred neighbourhood character statement and design guidelines of the relevant precinct.

To determine which precinct area is of relevance to you, locate the property on the precinct area map and then view the relevant precinct profile below.

What is Neighbourhood Character?

Neighbourhood character incorporates the attractive qualities that make one area distinct from another. Neighbourhood character is the combination of the public and private realms. Every property, public place or piece of infrastructure makes a contribution, whether great of small. It is the cumulative impact of all these contributions that establishes neighbourhood character.

In Moonee Valley, five broad character types have been identified across the city. These areas correlate with key periods of development. Each typology is further divided to better reflect the differences in building configuration and siting of a dwelling on the land.

Significant Character Areas

There are a number of small pockets and streets which display a unique or exemplary character and are highly intact, therefore warranting additional planning protection. These areas are known as significant character areas. We have a specific planning control called a Neighbourhood Character Overlay that applies to parts of:

  • Kerferd Street/Orange Grove, Essendon North
  • Dean Street, Moonee Ponds
  • Station Avenue, Ascot Vale
  • Fenton Street / Warrick Street, Ascot Vale
  • Kevin, Brunton, Roxburgh and St Leonards Streets, Ascot Vale
  • Munro Street, Ascot Vale

Moonee Valley Neighbourhood Character Study

In August 2012 we adopted the Moonee Valley Neighbourhood Character Study 2012 and the Neighbourhood Character Precinct Profiles 2012. The purpose of this study was to strengthen the planning tools available to help us, applicants and the community ensure new development reflects the existing or preferred character of an area.

In order to implement the findings, we amended the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme. This was done through Amendment C128 and Amendment C136.

Further information

For enquiries about the neighbourhood precinct profiles, please contact Strategic Planning on 9243 8888 or council@mvcc.vic.gov.au