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Waste & Recycling

Waste, waste, waste! We all produce it and we’re all looking for ways to reduce it. Like you, reducing waste and recycling correctly is really important to us. But we know it can be tricky. We’re here to help and guide you through everything you need to know so you can do the right thing for our planet and our community.

2022 waste and recycling calendar

You can download a copy by clicking on your area below.

Bin wasn't collected?

We can help! Simply give us a call on 03 9243 8888 or lodge a request by clicking the button below.

When do my bins get collected?

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To make sure your bin is collected, here's a few things you need to do:

  • Put your bin out the night before it's due for collection
  • Place your bins next to the kerb, handles towards the house
  • Make sure your bins are 30cm apart and 1m away from parked vehicles
  • Don't put your recyclables in plastic bags. If you do, they can’t be sorted and may end up in landfill. Don’t let your hard work go to waste!
  • Your bin lid must be closed fully and your bin should be no heavier than 70kg
  • Make sure you put your bins out the night before, as collections are currently starting from 5am

Waste/landfill bin

Collected weekly

  • 120 litres: $86.30

What goes in it:

  • food packaging, soiled cardboard/jars/plastic
  • polystyrene, rubber, foam, textiles
  • nappies, animal waste
  • milk cartons, takeaway cups
  • broken glass, empty aerosols
  • pots, pans, plastic plant pots
  • plastic and biodegradable bags
  • all food scraps (can also go in the organic bin)

We can also provide special circumstance bins for people with medical conditions. Call 9243 8888 for more information.

Recycling bin

Collected fortnightly

  • 120 litres: $86.30
  • 240 litres: $101.90
  • 360 litres: $169
  • Upsize to 240L from 120L: Free
  • Upsize to 360L from 240L: $92
  • Downsize: Free

What goes in it:

  • aluminium and steel food packaging
  • plastic bottles (lids separated)
  • clean glass bottles and jars (lids separated)
  • clean plastic containers
  • clean paper and cardboard
  • clean foil and foil trays
  • NO plastic or biodegradable bags
  • NO food waste

You can also recycle some small e-waste items such as household batteries, mobiles phones, CDs/DVDs, VHS, casettes, printer cartridges and fluorescent tubes and globes at our special recycling stations at Avondale Heights, Niddrie and Sam Merrifield libraries.

To learn more about what goes into your bin please visit our recycling guide.

FOGO bin

Collected fortnightly
(alternate week to recycling)

140 and 240 litres:

  • $76.90 p/a (pro rata) will be charged to the rates notice.
  • $46.10 p/a pensioners (pro rata) will be charged to the rates notice (Please note that this concession only applies to the primary place of residence)

Please note: this can only be ordered by the ratepayer of the property.

What goes in it:

  • all food scraps (can also go in the waste bin)
  • lawn clippings
  • garden prunings
  • leaves, plants
  • mulch, bark
  • NO plastic or biodegradable bags

Some ways that you might be able to minimise or prevent odor from the FOGO bin start in the kitchen:

  • Keep your caddy out of direct sunlight to avoid odour and prevent flies.
  • Keep the lid of your caddy closed when not in use.
  • Let hot food cool down before putting it in your caddy.
  • Keep meat and seafood sealed in a container in your fridge or freezer until the night before collection.
  • Sprinkle bicarbonate of soda on the bottom of your caddy (and green bin) to help address odours.
  • Place a square of paper towel sprinkled with a few drops of vanilla essence at the bottom of the kitchen caddy.
  • Empty your caddy at least every 2 to 3 days and in warmer months, every 1 to 2 days.

Some ways to reduce bin smells/pests:

  • Keep your green bin in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight (in the carport, under your house eaves or a tree).
  • Ensure that the lid of your green bin is kept closed at all times when not in use.
  • Place your green bin out for every collection even if the bin is not full.
  • Use paper towel, newspaper or old bread to absorb some of the liquid coming out of food. A very effective way to reduce smells further is to layer food waste with garden waste.
  • Use baking soda, a squeeze of lemon juice or eucalyptus oil to clean your bin.
  • Spray lavender or mint oil near the base of your bins as this can deter rodents.

Hard waste & branch and pruning

Book your free at-call collection now

Two free collections per financial year
2 cubic metres per collection

Who is eligible?

Properties that pay the annual Waste Service charge are eligible for two free collections per year that run from 1 July to 30 June.

Properties with a private bin collection are not eligible for the free service but can purchase an at-call collection.

Items accepted

  • Bundled branch and prunings
  • Household appliances (including TVs and computers)
  • Dismantled wardrobes and furniture
  • General household items in boxes only
  • Timber not exceeding 1.5 metres in length
  • Chinaware and window glass (wrapped in cardboard or thicker paper, clearly marked 'glass')
  • Metal items
  • All white goods including fridges and washing machines (for safety requirements fridge doors must be removed)
  • Maximum of two mattresses per property - mattresses placed out for collection are collected separately to the rest of your hard waste, so don't worry if yours isn't collected straight away.

Items not accepted

  • Hazardous or liquid waste (e.g. paint, chemicals or oils)
  • Rubble or soil
  • Tyres
  • Loose branches and pruning
  • Asbestos
  • Loads exceeding two cubic metres
  • Recyclables e.g. bottles, paper
  • Building materials and trade waste
  • Gas bottles

How much can I put out?

You can leave out up to 2 cubic metres (2m x 1m x 1m) of hard waste for collection.
Place it either in your front yard or on your driveway, no more than 10 metres from the property's front boundary. Do not place hard waste on the nature strip.

2 cubic metres (2 metres long, 1 metre wide and 1 metre high) per collection. Items must be no longer than 1.5 metres and must be able to be easily lifted by 1 or 2 people (excludes mattresses, fridges and couches). Please ensure your hard waste is neatly stacked and adheres to the collection parameters.

Items must be able to be lifted to shoulder height by one person.

  • Tree branches and pruning - bundled and tied with string or twine (less than 75mm wide and 1.5 long. Bundles must be smaller than 300mm wide).
  • Single tree limbs (no branches attached, neatly stacked) smaller than 200mm wide and 1.5 long.

Commercial landfill and recycling bin

This form should be completed to apply for a Landfill and or Recycling Bin (s) for a Commercial Business


  • 240 litres landfill: $101.90
  • 240 litres recycle: $101.90

Skip Bins

You will need a permit to place a skip container on the roadway in Moonee Valley.

The Permit Fees to place a skip on the road are required to be paid at the online application process and the fees are:

  • $90 for 1-7 days

How do you get a skip bin?

Permits can only be issued to contractors who are accredited with us.

Contractors can apply for accreditation with Council and/or a permit for placement of a skip bin by clicking HERE and following the prompts.

Council accredited skip bin providers

Company name Address Suburb Phone
1300BINNIT Pty Ltd 79 Sherrington Grange Derrimut 0406 292 645
A1 Cheapest Rubbish Removals PO Box 5051 Middle Park 9017 1117
A Grade Demolition Pty Ltd 62 East St Hadfield 9302 1200
ABC Bin Hire 5 Edward Street Fawkner 0407 656 466
Affordable Bin Hire Metropolitan Ring Road Thomastown 0488 044 744
All Over Bin Hire 1/157 Langridge Street Collingwood 1300 555 087
All Ready Bulk Bins Pty Ltd 155 High Street Preston 0400 462 752
All West Bin Hire Corner Tennyson and Orange Street Williamstown 0418 560 978
Alpha Bin Hire 15 Fury Court Clayton 0409 646 461
Apex Waste – Bob Robertson Bin Hire 19 Central Avenue Sunshine 9314 9911
Ascot Bin Hire Factory 8, 2 Tube Street Sunshine North 03 9312 2991 / 0417 531 009
Base Demolishers Pty Ltd PO Box 1678 Geelong 0425 844 435
BD Harvest Pty Ltd 111 Normanby Drive Greenvale 9333 2442
Ben’s Bin Hire P/L 154 Meridian Way South Morang 9404 1719
Big Bin Hire PO Box 819 Williamstown 1300 224 473
Bin O Bin Pty Ltd PO Box 298 Doncaster Heights 0466 377 733
Bingo Waste Services 305 Parramatta Road Auburn 1300 424 646
Binshoot Bin Hire 73 Cherry Lane Laverton North 0414 316 489
Budget Bin Hire PO Box 134 Ivanhoe 9499 1941
Bullet Bin Hire 2 Second Avenue, Moorabbin Airport Mentone 0418 365 368
Cab Skip Bin Hire 233 Broadhurst Avenue Reservoir 0402 483 195
Campbellfield Bin Hire Pty Ltd Shed 4, Victoria Drive Tottenham 9357 0550 / 0418 314 029
Cheaper Bin Hire PO Box 2176 Ringwood North 9876 1611
City West Skip Bins 11 Paul Harris Drive Melton West 0425 769 665
Cleanskip PO Box 1359 Clayton South 9558 1771
C Fulton Pty Ltd 15-21 Hall Street Hawthorn East  9822 3041
Control Bin Hire (Aust) Pty Ltd PO Box 1008 Clayton South 0418 549 877 / 9551 7789
Corio Waste Management Pty Ltd PO Box 20 Lara 8368 2844
Cozees Bins PO Box 4346 Knox City 9792 4447 / 0404 046 157
D.C Bin Hire P/L 189-193 Northbourne Road Campbellfield 9308 5488
Delta Pty Ltd 577 Plummer Street Port Melbourne  9646 8277
ECO Waste Services Pty Ltd 20 Gilmores Road Balliang 0404 094 346
Emerald Bins Pty Ltd 12 Muscat Court Sunbury 0406 349 797
ERA Skip Bins 1 McGuire Street Cheltenham 1300 790 918
Expert Demolition P/L 9 Hyde Street Hadfield 0406 030 303
GT Skips 16 Patrick Street Campbellfield 9111 1743
Harpers Bin Hire (DATS Vic) Dynon Road West Melbourne 1300 665 666
Haulaway 1-7 Souffi Place Dandenong South 1300 660 838
Hello Bin Hire P/L 425 Point Cook Road Point Cook 9395 3133
HK Skip Bin Hire Pty Ltd 17 Royal Terrace Craigieburn 0405 998 661
Hume Bins 330 Konagaderra Road Oaklands Junction 9745 2010
IDispose PO Box 244 Highpoint City 0488 062 585
Jim's Skip Bins Altona 6 Maltravers Place Wyndham 0455 455 337
Jim's Skip Bins Caroline Springs 7 Greville Street Caroline Springs 0405 832 462
Jim's Skip Bins Cragieburn 13 Ilani Court Epping 0433 412 140
Jim's Skip Bins Greensborough 40 Festival Grove Lalor 0412 237 903
Jim's Skip Bins Oakleigh PO Box 2922 Rowville 0418 714 604
Jim's Skip Bins (Heidelberg Central) 81 Wattleglen Street Craigieburn 0422 842 774
Jim’s Skip Bins (Coburg) 7 Braid Court Truganina 0433 348 842
Lennox Waste 20 Market Road Sunshine 1300 568 856
Local Bin Hire P/L 4/4 Clarke Street Lilydale 0409 962 538
Love a Dump  PO Box 557  Hastings 0421 007 313
Melbourne Bin Hire 74 North Street Glenroy 9357 3344
Melbourne Waste Management 10 McCubbin Court Point Cook 0409 257 022
Melway Bin Hire and Demolition 48 Rushwood Dve Craigieburn 9354 6996
Midway-Hire a Skip 1 Midway Lane Sunshine 9312 1356 / 0418 132 179
Mini Tip Bin Hire (J & N Seddon) PO Box 4102 Alfredton 0428 577 795
Monash Bin Hire and Demolition Pty Ltd PO Box 65 Campbellfield 9357 1414
Need a Skip Now 86 Turner Road Highett 0431 751 980
Osom Bin Hire PO Box 309 Flemington 1300 778 096
Pink Bin Hire Pty Ltd 297 Victoria Street Altona Meadows 0408 221 114
PJ'S Waste Pty Ltd PO Box 471 Altona North 0419 158 590
PPK Demolition 51 Chatsworth Road Prahran 0419 720 720
Professor Bin Pty Ltd 2 Kay Court Clayton 0405 628 016
Pronto Recycling 520 O’Connors Road Werribee South 0417 880 016
Rayco Environmental Solutions P/L PO Box 153 Niddrie 03 9369 4100
Recycling Industries Pty Ltd 235-253 Doherty’s Road Laverton North 9360 9444
Regal Bin Hire 8 Peers Street East Brunswick 9266 1435
Remondis P/L 14 Lisa Place Coolaroo 9302 2222
Rhino Bin Hire 24-30 Fonceca Street Mordialloc 9580 4842
Rite Away Bin Hire 30 Knapp Street Altona North 0400 888 863
Ronco Mini Bins 31 Meakin Street Watsonia North 0427 591 500 / 9459 5915
SIMS Bin Hire 28 North Avenue Bentleigh 0419 898 181 / 0408 128 913
Skips2Go Factory 2 308-310 Lower Dandenong Road Mordialloc 0421 312 343
Skip Bins Plus 104 Cromer Avenue Sunshine North 0434 286 307
Sky Group Constructions 14 Itala Court Keilor Downs 0417 722 150
Suez Recycling & Recovery Australia 64-84 Waterview Close Dandenong South 13 13 35
Speedie Waste Pty Ltd 29 Halley Crescent Campbellfield 9305 2265
Speedy Bins 5 Oulton Street Fawkner 0404 000 519
Sunshine (Vic) Skip Bins & Recycling 24 Slipway Road Werribee South 8763 2691
Super Waste Skips 14 Cairnlea Drive Cairnlea 0421 897 858
TM Bin Hire 76 Kyabram St Coolaroo 0414 487 770
Triple R Solutions Pty Ltd 4 Springwood Avenue Narre Warren 0434 535 566
Troy Schiavella 3 Sully Court Diggers Rest 0404 215 977
True Bin Hire 35 Burrora Way Craigieburn 9333 0951
Ultra Bin Hire Vic Pty Ltd 36 Fabio Court Campbellfield 9460 5333
Ultra Bin Hire Vic p/l 42 Maffra Street Coolaroo 9041 9559
United Bin Hire 35 Rosala Avenue Altona North 0422 373 900
Unlimited Access Bins 42 Maffra Street Coolaroo 9041 9559
Veolia Environmental Services 42-45 Kirkham Road West Keysborough 13 29 55
Whelan Kartaway 1 Boundary Road North Melbourne 9326 5555
WM Waste Management Services P/L 10 Macquarie Place Boronia 9721 1900
Zaks Bin Hire 72-74 Kyabram Street Coolaroo 9399 7757

Private waste collector permit

All private waste companies operating in the western part of the Moonee Ponds Activity Centre must hold a valid waste collection permit.
Permits are free and valid for 12 months.

Instead of throwing it away, can someone repair it?

Instead of ordering a hard waste collection or recycling/disposing of material at the Transfer station, have you considered whether your item can be repaired? When we choose to repair, previously loved items remain ours (or somebody else’s) for years to come. If you have anything to repair or give away, click here.

Transfer Station

The Transfer Station is our drop-off facility for waste and recycling.

The Transfer Statio will close to the public when temperatures reach above 38°C in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety standards and signage will be placed on the front gate.

Bin collection may start from 5am.

Address: 188 Holmes Road, Aberfeldie
Phone: (03) 8325 1730
Opening hours:

The Transfer Station is now open to all residents and trade customers.

Monday to Friday: 8am – 4pm
Saturday: 8am – 4pm
Sunday: 8am – 1pm
Wednesday, 26 January: Closed

We have resumed accepting E-Waste.

We are currently accepting household paint.

Anyone visiting the site must adhere to All COVIDSafe requirements including checking in using the QR code, social distancing and wearing a mask.



Reduce your fees by separating your load. For example, keep hard waste separate from green waste and only pay for half a load of each. Garbage that is not separated will incur higher fees.

A car boot load of green waste is free for residents of Moonee Valley. You must show a current photo ID and a current rates notice.

Written authorisation will be required if you are dropping off on behalf of someone.

We do not accept trucks in excess of 2.5GVM.

Items accepted at a cost

  • Hard rubbish
  • Tree pruning, garden rubbish and green waste
  • Furniture items
  • Timber and fencing
  • Mattresses
  • Tyres
  • Gas bottles
  • Carpet
Boot load up to 0.25 m3 $35 $33 Resident - No charge / Non Resident - $18
Station wagon up to 0.5 m3 $61 $57 $38.50
Single trailer, utility or van up to 0.7 m3 $93 $85 $62
Single trailer heaped up to 1.1 m3 $149 $140 $79
Single trailer high sides up to 2 m3 $275 $251 $137
Tandem trailer up to 1.25 m3 $166 $158.50 $111
Tandem trailer heaped up to 2 m3 $272.50 $262 $156
Tandem trailer high up to sides up to 3.65 m3 $491 $469.50 $258

Miscellaneous items

Gas bottles (BBQ or camping size only) $13
Mattress (all sizes) $40
Tyres (car) $17.50
Tyres (light truck) $34
Tyres (small truck) $38
Tyres (large truck, tractor) $66
Surcharge waste (small) $10
Surcharge waste (medium) $15
Surcharge waste (large) $24

Recyclables accepted for free

  • Aluminium (cans, pots, pans and window frames)
  • Batteries
  • Fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps
  • Cardboard (boxes must be emptied and flattened)
  • Paper (folders and files not accepted)
  • Cooking oil
  • Engine oil (20 litre limit) per visit
  • e-waste
  • TV’s and other electrical goods
  • Milk and bread crates only, plant pots and clear soft plastic wrap
  • Clean polystyrene in household amounts only (it must fit in the back of a station wagon and be free from contamination - otherwise additional charges will apply)
  • Steel and metal (guttering, appliances, whitegoods, roofing and bicycles)
  • Textiles (re-useable shoes and clothing only). All linen products, pillows, doonas and non-useable clothing are considered hard waste and will incur a fee

What happens to my recycling?

Did you know Australians create 67 million tonnes of waste each year? By using your recycling bin correctly, you can reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

Watch the video below to discover how your recycling in Moonee Valley City Council is collected and sorted.

Surrounding landfills and recycling facilities

Phone: 9249 4000
Address: Stadium Dr, Keilor

Phone: 9283 2011
Address: 437 Dynon Rd, West Melbourne

Phone: 8391 1418
Address: 174 Old Geelong Rd, Brooklyn

Phone: 9462 3455
Address: 30 Kurnai Av, Reservior

Phone: 8401 4270
Address: 480 Cooper St, Epping

Phone: 9359 3813
Address: 71 Bolinda Rd, Campbellfield

Phone: 9389 5100
Address: 32 Kirkdale St, East Brunswick

Phone: 9744 2974
Address: 515 Riddle Rd, Sunbury

Phone: 9331 5300
Address: Stadium Dr, Keilor Park

Phone: 9742 0777
Address: Wests Rd, Werribee

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Free mulch

Free mulch is available for Moonee Valley residents, subject to availability.
You can get up to 200L (a boot load) per resident, per month.
To find out more or to check availability, call (03) 8325 1730


If you see graffiti in Moonee Valley report it online by clicking the button below or call us on 9243 8888.

Who cleans it?

We do! If it's on Council property, such as a Council-owned building, parking meter, bench, bin or street sign.

If it's on private property such as a house, shop, office, factory, fence or letter box, the property owner is responsible for removal. If you have a Pensioner Concession Card holder and are unable to remove yourself, we can help.

There are also some other authorities responsible for graffiti removal:

  • Telstra - telephone boxes, pillars, cabinets and exchange buildings
  • City West Water - fire hydrants
  • Australia Post - post boxes, green distribution boxes
  • Jemena - electricity poles, pillars/units, substations
  • VicRoads - traffic signals, traffic light poles


Syringe container

If you have a medical condition that requires the use of needles, the Syringe disposal chute at the Civic Centre on Kellaway Avenue is open from Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm for container disposal.

Syringe containers can be collected from the Civic Centre during business hours 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday

If the Civic Centre is closed, you can also dispose of syringe containers at some local pharmacies.

Containers can also be purchased by personal care and body art businesses registered with Council under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act.

  • Small - $17
  • Large - $25

Found a syringe?

If you come across a syringe in a public space, report it immediately by clicking the button below or calling 9243 8888.

Disposing of a syringe

Call the Syringe Disposal Helpline on 1800 552 355.

Other waste providers

We're not the only way you can dispose of waste. There's also: