What you need to know

Drainage requirements for developments

Drainage requirements for developments

Stormwater and design requirements

We have a stormwater drainage policy to control:

  • the manner in which proposed developments discharge their stormwater runoff
  • unnecessary surface flows
  • overburdening of existing infrastructures

Assessment of engineering design plans and calculations by Council is only necessary if specifically requested by us through a development’s Legal Point of Discharge, Planning Permit Conditions or otherwise. We generally assess engineering plans under the following circumstances:

  • Internal drainage systems where an On-Site Detention, Pump or Pressurised System is required. Additionally, where Council deems a development may pose a flood risk to an adjoining property, assessment of the drainage design plans may be required.
  • Where a development’s Legal Point of Discharge or Planning Permit Conditions requires the construction of a new Council asset, submission of detailed engineering design plans, prepared by a suitably qualified Civil Engineer, is required (e.g. new barrel drains, footpaths, or Right of Way constructions etc).

To apply, please complete the relevant form:

Please attach all design plans, calculations, endorsed Condition 1 plan, and any other relevant supporting documentation.


Design checking cost – Civil works Council assets – $230

Design checking cost – Internal drainage designs – $190

Engineering plan check application – internal works – $190