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Vehicle crossings

Vehicle crossings

We are currently experiencing longer than normal wait times for customers calling to discuss permit applications.

If you wish to get in touch with our Technical Permits Department about an application or booking an inspection please e-mail tpermits@mvcc.vic.gov.au and one of our staff will reply within 2 working days.


A vehicle crossing provides access to your property from the front property line to the road’s edge.

A vehicle crossing must be a minimum of three metres in width at the property boundary.

To construct, modify or relocate a crossover you must obtain two permits from Engineering Services:

  • Vehicle Crossing Location Approval

This permit must be obtained to confirm that the proposed location is suitable and within approved guidelines.

  • Works within a Municipal Road Reserve

This permit is a requirement of the Road Management Act of Victoria and is consent from Council to carry out works in the road reserve.

Please note:

  • Submitting these applications does not guarantee approval.
  • A written response from Council will be sent after these applications have been assessed.
  • Application assessment may take up to ten working days depending on the complexity of the specified works

What if my vehicle crossing is on a declared main road?

If your vehicle crossing entry/exit is on a declared main road, you are required to obtain a Planning Permit application (pdf, 296KB).

The vehicle crossing is in the wrong place. What can I do?

If the existing crossing is not suitable as an entry/exit to your property, you must apply to relocate it.

As a permit condition, the existing crossing must be removed prior to the crossover inspection and the area returned to nature strip conditions with kerb and channel reinstated.

Prior to construction of your dwelling/garage, you should contact us to ensure the crossing relocation will meet our permit requirements.

Can I widen my vehicle crossing?

The vehicle crossing must be extended by a minimum of one (1) metre.

Who is responsible for the vehicle crossing?

The construction, modification, relocation and maintenance of a vehicle crossing is the responsibility of the property owner. Any construction, modification, relocation and/or maintenance must comply with our vehicle crossing standard drawings.

The applicant must engage a private contractor at his/her own expense to carry out the works.

How many vehicle crossings can I have?

We generally only allow one crossing per property. Our approval is required for any additional and/or new vehicle crossing.

Permission will only be granted where there is a minimum of six metres between the existing and new vehicle crossing to allow for on-street parking. The property must also have a minimum width of fifteen metres.

An additional vehicle crossing may be approved in instances where there is a circular driveway, a corner allotment, where there is access to the rear of the property, where there is an additional garage or where there Town Planning approval.

We don’t support parking within the front set-back of a property. Any applications that lead to a designated parking area will be assessed against the Neighbourhood Character Study.

Any vehicle crossing(s) made redundant must be saw-cut and removed and the nature strip reinstated to match the surrounding conditions.

What obstructions do I look for?

The proposed vehicle crossing must be at least one metre clear of any structure or asset such as traffic/street signs, fire hydrants, service pits (eg: Telstra Pit, stormwater pits, etc) and light/power poles.

If any of these services are within one metre of the proposed vehicle crossing, you must obtain the appropriate service authority’s written permission stating the approved distance the vehicle crossing is allowed to be from their service.

A Vehicle Crossing must be a minimum of two metres from any trees planted within the nature strip. If this distance cannot be achieved Council may not be able to approve the application. Technical Permits will refer any application that does not achieve the two metres tree clearance to Councils Parks and Gardens department for consideration. Depending on the outcome of this referral, one of three responses will occur,

1. The clearance between the proposed VC and the tree is approved, this will form part of the approved permit.

2. The clearance is deemed to be too close and the tree is approved for removal and replacement, this will then form part of the approved permit.

3. If the clearance is not acceptable and the tree cannot be removed, the application may be refused.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Technical Permits team on 9243 1199 for any questions relating to proposed Vehicle Crossings.

What do I need from my contractor?

We require a current copy of your contractor’s Public Liability Certificate of Currency at the time of application. The following details should be displayed on the certificate.

  • Contractors name and address
  • Name of contractors insurance company
  • Policy number and expiry date
  • Amount covered under policy (minimum $10,000,000 cover required)
  • Contact number of your contractor for inspection purposes

Complete the Vehicle Crossing Location Approval online form which will allow you to pay by credit card. This must be done before any construction, modification, relocation and/or maintenance of a vehicle crossing.

If the vehicle crossing location is approved by Council, you will then need to complete a Works within a Municipal Road Reserve online form. We will let you know about this second stage if the location is approved.

Please allow us ten working days to process the application.

For more information view our Vehicle Crossing Policy by clicking here and searching for Vehicle Crossings Policy.