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Food permit

Food permit

All businesses that store, prepare, handle, serve and sell food must be registered/notified under the Food Act.

Your business must be classified according to the highest level of risk of your food handling activities.

For a better understanding of risk levels, visit Food Business Classifications.

Opening a new business?

You need to complete and submit a small business application form.

To ensure compliance with the food safety standards we ask that you also prepare some floor plans/drawings for your premises. Refer to the following guidelines for assistance.




If you intend to operate a food stall, temporary or mobile premise you will also need statewide registration.

Your application will be assigned to a Health Officer who will liaise with you through out the process until you are ready to open.

Please allow 21 days from receipt of you documentation for your plans to be assessed.

If you would like assistance in setting up your small business in Moonee Valley, contact us on 9243 8866 or email business@mvcc.vic.gov.au.

Transferring or buying an existing business?

As the new owner/purchaser, you need to complete and submit a small business application form to transfer the business into your name. It is a legal requirement that the transfer of registration must have both the new and existing owners signatures. Please ensure that these details are completed before submitting.

To assist you with transferring your business, you may request a Condition of Premises Inspection report (pdf, 468KB) to make sure you are aware of any outstanding orders or structural requirements placed on the business before settlement.

An inspection will be conducted by a Health Officer.

Allow 14 days from receipt of your documentation for your inspection to be undertaken and report sent.

Food safety

Food safety requirements

Class type Do you require a Food Safety Program?  Are you required to maintain Minimum Records? Do you require a Food Safety Supervisor? 
1  Yes  No  Yes
2  Yes  No  Yes
3  No  Yes  No
4  No  No  No

Food Safety Programs templates and minimum record sheets

Class 1 and 2

Class 3

Food safety supervisors training

Find out more about food safety supervisor training

Class 3 and 4 food premises do not require a qualified Food Safety Supervisor.
Although there is free online training.

Food Safety Standards

The Food Safety Standards set the rules that you must comply with in the day-to-day operations of your business to ensure your food is safe.

Class 1, 2 and 3 premises must comply with these standards.

Food safety complaints

We conduct regular food premise inspections and investigate complaints to make sure food safety regulations are met.

If you suspect that someone is selling food without a permit:
Call Citizens Services on 9243 8888 or report a food sale without a permit online

Fees and charges

All businesses that store, prepare, handle, serve and sell food must be registered/notified under the Food Act.

Food Act Fee
Commercial   Class 1 & 2 Class 3
Initial registration (January – March) $935 $846
Initial Registration Pro Rata (April – June) $770 $703
Initial Registration Pro Rata (July – September) $604 $560
Initial Registration Pro Rata (October – December) $439 $416.50
Registration for each employee after 10 $29 $29
Renewal $662 $573
Notification – Class 4 Exempt
Community Group
Initial registration and renewal $220
Notification – Class 4 Exempt
Other fees
Request for condition of premises report $237
Transfer of registration $273

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Australian Food Safety Standards 3.2.2

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