What you need to know

Food permit

Food permit

All businesses that store, prepare, handle, serve and sell food must be registered/notified under the Food Act 1984.

All new businesses or existing business that have changed ownership must be registered.

Your business must be classified according to the highest level of risk of your food handling activities.

Application Process

Step 1 – Go to forms and complete the Business Permit Checklist.

Step 2 – Determine your classification level.

Step 3 – Complete the application based on your classification.

Step 4 – Submit your application with any relevant documentation.

Step 5 – Your application will be assessed by an Environmental Health Officer.

Step 5 – A progress inspection may be conducted if required.

Step 6 – A final inspection must be conducted prior to opening.

Step 7 – You will receive an invoice for payment.

Step 8 – Once paid, you will receive your Registration Certificate and can begin trading.


Business Permit Checklist self-assessment tool

Food Business Classifications

  • To help you determine your classification level, click here.

Class 1, 2 or 3 Registration

  • If you are selling high-risk foods (Class 1, 2, or 3), click here to complete this form.
  • To ensure compliance with the food safety standards we ask that you submit a floor plan of your premises.  Refer to Example Floor Plans and Guidelines.

Class 4 Notification

Example floor plans and guidelines

The following guidelines / tools will assist you with your application.

Commercial/mobile businesses

Home businesses    


If you intend to operate a temporary or mobile premise in Victoria you must also apply for state-wide registration via Streatrader.

Food Safety

Class 1 and 2

Food safety supervisors training

Find out more about food safety supervisor training.

Class 3 and 4 food premises do not require a qualified Food Safety Supervisor. Although there is free online training.

Food Safety Standards

The Food Safety Standards set the rules that you must comply with in the day-to-day operations of your business to ensure your food is safe.

Class 1, 2 and 3 premises must comply with these standards.  

Fees and charges

Food Act Fee
Commercial   Class 1 & 2 Class 3
Initial registration (January – March) $955 $865
Initial Registration Pro Rata (April – June) $785 $720
Initial Registration Pro Rata (July – September) $620 $575
Initial Registration Pro Rata (October – December) $450 $425
Registration for each employee after 10 $30 $30
Renewal $675 $585
Notification – Class 4 Exempt
Community Group
Initial registration and renewal $225
Notification – Class 4 Exempt


Report a food sale without a permit

If you suspect that someone is selling food without a permit, contact Council on 9243 8888 or report a food sale without a permit online.

How to appeal an Infringement

If you are issued with an infringement for a premises registered with Council, you can apply to have the matter reviewed. To apply for internal review, please complete and submit an online application.

Need more information?

Visit the My Business page on our website for further information and to get in touch with our friendly Small Business Engagement Officer.