What you need to know

Petiquette: Keeping our parks and your pooch safe these holidays

Pet -etiquette

Our parks and reserves are designed for people and their pets to enjoy together. As we spend more time outdoors in the warmer weather, it’s important to let our fur-babies have a great time while respecting other park-goes.

Did you know that under the Domestic Animals Act 1994 dogs are prohibited from being within 15 metres of any children’s playground, public barbeque, or exercise equipment area?

To keep our community safe, it’s important to follow local laws and show consideration of shared public spaces.

Visit an off-leash dog park

There are nine designated off-leash dog parks in Moonee Valley.

These parks and reserves are signposted so you know exactly where your pooch can play and our interactive map can help you find your nearest park.

Off-leash dog parks:

  • Aberfeldie Park, The Boulevard, Aberfeldie
  • Alf Pierce Reserve, First Ave, Strathmore (fenced off-leash dog play area)
  • JH Allan Reserve, Park Drive, East Keilor
  • Boeing Reserve (northern end only), Boeing Road, Strathmore Heights
  • Cross Keys Reserve (eastern end only), Bridge Street, Essendon
  • AJ Davis Reserve, Fullarton Street, Airport West
  • Fairbairn Park, Woods Street, Ascot Vale
  • Spring Gully Reserve, Keilor Road, East Keilor
  • Thompson Street Reserve, Thompson Street, Avondale Heights
  • Travancore Park, Mooltan Street, Flemington

Conveniently, you’ll also find free poop-bags in these areas. Hint, hint.

Maintain off-leash control

When your dog is off-leash you must not let it interfere with others, even in off-leash dog spaces. You should maintain control by:

  • keeping a clear view of your dog
  • training them to return on command
  • putting them on a leash if they do not reply to verbal command or are causing a nuisance to other dogs and park users

Keep it clean

No matter where you are, you must clean up after your dog. If you forget to bring a poo bag, we offer free bags in off and on-leash parks and reserves. A fine may be issued if you don’t clean up after your dog.

Boomerang your pet to you by registering them

Not only is registering your dog (and cat!) the best way to have them returned if they escape, it’s a legal requirement under the Domestic Animals Act.

If your dog is over the age of three months you can register them online.

Stay safe these holidays

Keep your pets safe during summer by providing extra fresh drinking water on hot days.

Snake sightings increase with warmer weather. If you are walking near bushland keep your dog on a lead and avoid long grassy areas. Do not let your pet examine dead snakes as they still have venomous fangs.

If you’re planning to go away have a friend or neighbour look after your pet, you should never leave an animal unattended for a long period of time. Consider Pet Stays or Mad Paws if you can’t find someone to look after them.