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Update on Fletcher or St. Therese’s LATM traffic and parking proposals

Update on Fletcher or St. Therese’s LATM traffic and parking proposals

With careful consideration and analysis of all community feedback on the draft LATM plans, final LATM plans were prepared, and presented to Council on 22 July 2014. Each LATM plan included a traffic management plan and a parking management plan.

On 22 July 2014 Council resolved to do the following:

  1. Adopt the final Fletcher Traffic Management Plan and St Therese’s Traffic Management Plan.
  2. Adopt for implementation the final Fletcher Parking Management Plan and St Therese’s Parking Management Plan.
  3. Monitor the additional traffic and parking issues raised by the local community as identified in the report.
  4. Advocate to Victoria Police to provide greater enforcement on streets with highest speed issues.
  5. Refer the works within the final Traffic Management Plan and Parking Management Plan to future Capital Works Budget for funding consideration.
  6. Advise residents and traders within the Fletcher and St Therese’s study areas of the outcome of this report.

If you live in or own a property in the Fletcher or St. Therese's LATM area, you will shortly receive a letter advising about the Council resolution.

To discuss any aspects of the Local Area Traffic Management process, please don’t hesitate to contact our Transport team on 9243 8888.

Recent tasks undertaken as part of Fletcher and St. Therese’s LATM Studies 2013/14

  • A report was presented to Council on the final St. Therese's and Fletcher LATM plans at the Ordinary Council Meeting of 22 July 2014.
  • The consultation period for the preliminary St. Therese’s Draft Traffic Plan and the Fletcher Draft Traffic Plan closed on 21 March 2014. All feedback was analysed, used to put together a final LATM plan, in consultation with the Working Groups. Consultation was undertaken with the community on the St. Therese's and Fletcher draft traffic and parking plans. Consultation closed 21 March 2014.
  • 25 February 2014 – Council endorsed the draft Fletcher and St. Therese’s Draft LATM plans for public consultation. Each contains a draft traffic management plan and a draft parking management plan.

The traffic management plans aim to address the key traffic issues in the area including:

  • traffic speed and volume
  • through traffic in local streets
  • traffic safety at local street intersections
  • pedestrian safety

The parking management plans included proposals for streets where data showed a high parking demand, based on reviewing the peak parking occupancies with regard for Council’s Parking Demand Management Framework to identify streets where parking restriction changes may be warranted. Council’s Kerbside Road Space User Hierarchy was then utilised to determine the most appropriate parking restrictions to cater for the various user groups in each street.

  • Late November 2013: Working Group Meetings were held to discuss the draft traffic and parking management plans. All feedback was considered and the consultants are since updating the draft plans. Fletcher minutes (pdf, 1.02MB) and St. Therese's (pdf, 885KB) minutes.
  • We commissioned an independent consultant to consider all feedback and to put together draft traffic and parking management plans for the LATM areas.
  • Early October 2013: Working Group Meetings were held to discuss community feedback and all identified issues and opportunities. Fletcher minutes (docx, 160KB) and St. Therese's (doc, 41.0KB) minutes.
  • September 2013 – Every property in the LATM areas was invited to provide feedback to us on issues, concerns and opportunities around traffic and parking in the local area.