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Mental health hub exclusion a major oversight

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Moonee Valley’s exclusion from the Victorian Government’s newly announced mental health hubs is a major oversight, Mayor Samantha Byrne said today.

“The State Government’s newly announced funding for youth and family mental health hubs leaves our vulnerable young community members out in the cold”, the Mayor said.

“Young people and families in Moonee Valley face dangerously long travel and wait times for headspace services.”

“More than three quarters of mental health issues develop during a person’s youth and mental health is the top issue for young people today. In our last Young People’s survey our younger residents reported distressingly common experiences of psychological distress.”

“That survey was conducted before the pandemic. Our follow-up survey in 2020 found a quarter of our young residents rating their mental health as ‘the worst it’s ever been’.”

“Our young people have clearly stated their need for improved mental health services and they are not being listened to.”

“Council has strongly advocated for a mental health hub for Moonee Valley and following the Royal Commission into the State’s mental health care system, the Andrews Government committed to ensure every Victorian has “access to the care they need, as soon as they need it, close to home.””

“For Moonee Valley this is very disappointing.”

Council remains ready to commit to a partnership to improve access to mental health services for young people and we call on the Victorian and Federal Government to discuss opportunities with us as a matter of urgency.”

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