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Flemington Community Hub

We're working to create a welcoming, beautiful and sustainable place
in Flemington where people can gather, learn, work and play. People at all stages of life need access to quality spaces, facilities and services to be healthy and resilient - now and in the future.

Flemington Hub latest news

The community’s living room: A home away from home

When we asked what you wanted in a new Hub for Flemington, overwhelmingly you asked for a place where you felt a true sense of belonging – somewhere you could relax, work quietly, learn, meet old friends and make new ones.

Meet the Architect designing our new community hub

Meet Catherine Ramsay, the architect designing our new community hub. Get to know Catherine, her work experience and what excites her most about this project.


We’re excited with progress on the designs for the new Flemington Hub coming 2023!

A new community hub. Located in one of the fastest-growing and most diverse suburbs of Moonee Valley. A new community centre will be built to meet Flemington's future demands and to upgrade old buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions

The hub will include:

    • Flexible spaces include a hall and a range of multi-purpose rooms of different sizes
    • Display, exhibition and foyer space
    • Kitchen/café/kiosk
    • Training rooms
    • Art room (wet/dry space)
    • Offices
    • Storage spaces
    • children’s room
    • Consultation suites
    • Sport pavilion spaces to service two outdoor fields

The hub will be located adjacent to the existing carpark, between the current Flemington Community Centre and the Debneys Park Pavilion.

The image in the photo library shows the estimated location. Once an architect is appointed the exact location will be determined.

The advantage of going forward with the Flemington Community Hub on Council owned and controlled land include; 

    • Improved timelines to allow Council to deliver the hub ready for operation in 2023
    • Improved ability to influence design and provision of services
    • cost effective construction and operational models, 
    • ability to integrate with existing carpark and internal pathways and facilities,
    • ability to place the facility to maximise support for sports grounds and ensure easy access for all residents. 
    • The recommended location also minimises damage to the existing mature trees

Council is committed to delivering the Flemington Community Hub in 2023

Facilities have been based on extensive community feedback and a thorough needs assessment.

These spaces will be designed to be adaptable to a wide range of uses, which will be able to change over time to reflect community needs.

Council has adopted the following funds to the project: 

    • Allocated funding for design development in the short term (2019/20/21), including $500k in 2019/20 
    • $20m to construct the Hub and associated infrastructure ($12m in 2021/22 and $8m in 2022/23)
    • $20m+ for the Debneys Park precinct in the long term

Capital improvements such as a rain garden, and water storage areas are proposed to be delivered over the longer term post 2029/2030 in addition to the Hub and Debneys Park improvements, with council officers working to secure funding support from other bodies. 

Council adopts the budget annually and reviews the long-term capital works budget regularly as project progress and more information comes to light. 

Council is advocating for external funding. Such grant revenues are not budgeted for but if received are appropriately accounted for in accordance with financial regulatory requirements. The project was never dependant on receiving grants from other levels of government. Should Council be fortunate to receive funding from other levels of government, we will update our plans accordingly.

Council will be engaging an architect shortly to work through the design process. This process will continue throughout 2020 and into 2021 before tendering for a construction company to build the facility which is anticipated for late 2021/early 2022.

Council is committed to having the new community centre operational in 2023.

It is proposed to continue operating the existing Community Centre until the new building is complete. Once complete both the Community Centre and Sports Pavilion will be demolished.

Yes. Feedback we have received so far from the community has been extremely valuable and is still very relevant. This feedback and input will be used to inform the revised draft concepts going forward. 

Council has committed to progress the Flemington Community Hub separate to the Flemington Housing Estate Renewal. For information regarding this project please visit https://vhhsba.vic.gov.au/housing-andinfrastructure/flemington-estate

Council is committed to delivering the Flemington Commuity Hub seperate to any other project. Therefore, any future plans regarding Debney Meadows Primary School will not impact our project. 

All significant trees will be protected during the project. We will explore options for improved landscaping, to meet our target of 30 per cent tree canopy coverage by 2040.

A community hub is a community facility, or a number of closely located community facilities, that accommodate a range of services and activities available to the community.

Community hubs often become vibrant focal points for the local community. They allow service providers to share resources and co-ordinate their services, which can reduce the overall building size and footprint. A new community hub is a priority for Flemington in Council's long term vision document, MV2040.

As an important focal point for the neighbourhood, the community hub will provide social, health and economic development opportunities.

The existing community centre supports a range of community services and activities. However, the building in disrepair and struggling to meet the existing community need. Demand for most services is high and there is an increasing need for spaces for classes, co-working, and community events.  While the sports pavilion in the park is heavily utilised, it is also in poor condition. It has no public toilets or social space and does not comply with sporting code guidelines.


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