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Summer Parklet Program

Good weather is coming, COVID-19 restrictions are due to ease, and our resilient community is ready to enjoy street life again.
One exciting way to expand street life activities while maintaining a safe, socially-distanced environment is our Summer Parklet Program.

What is a Parklet?

Parklets are car parking spaces we’re temporarily transforming into places to meet, eat and relax with outdoor seating and greenery.

Food businesses can use them to extend their outdoor dining options. Other businesses are encouraged to think about how they could use a parklet, too.

summer parklet program
Artist’s impression of parklet – designs may vary

Moonee Valley parklet locations

When are the Parklets available?

Expressions of Interest have closed and parklets will appear at the sites on the above map across Moonee Valley in the near future.


A short-term trial for five months is free.

Frequently asked questions

Parklets are repurposed car parking spaces designed to create new spaces for community through the provision of seating, greenery and bike parking facilities. This includes the opportunity for businesses to extend seating and offer outdoor dining options.

The Summer Parklet Program is being offered to businesses affected by Covid-19 restrictions and social distancing requirements. The parklets are free, but limited in number.

The initial program can deliver approximately 15 parklets. We expect that parklet proposals will vary in size, so the exact number we can deliver may vary. The initial funding is from Council and the State Government’s Neighbourhood Activity Centre Renewal Fund. Council is likely to be eligible to apply for more funding to support this program in the near future. We will update our website if more opportunities eventuate.

Detailed selection criteria will be added to the website shortly. Use the guidelines on the website as a starting point, as these cover many of the considerations that the selection process will cover.

The Summer Parklet Program will run for up to five months. Council is open to shorter periods as well, as this will enable us to provide the parklet to another business. If you want the parklet for less than five months, please include this on your application.

If your business is selected to be a parklet host, you will be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the parklet. You will need to sign up to conduct a monthly host maintenance checklist.

The parklet will be for customers. However, just like the footpath, it is public space and everyone is welcome to come ‘in’ to your parklet.

Council will provide successful parklet applicants with a standard set up, including built-in bench seating and vegetation. Businesses may use their own furniture, and it is anticipated that state government grants will be available to businesses for the purchase of additional furnishings.

If this is the situation for your business, we encourage you to talk to a neighbouring business that has a more suitable site and ask for a letter/email of support for siting your parklet outside their business premises. You will still be responsible for the maintenance of the parklet.

Council can provide information on parklets to support you in discussions that you may have with your neighbours. This information will be available on Council’s Summer Parklet Program website. You may wish to consider if you can negotiate with a neighbour and suggest a two-month rather than five-month installation. Depending on demand, we may be able to arrange a phone call with your neighbouring businesses if they agree to it.

At this stage, Council will only be installing a simple parklet (more information will be added to the website soon). Businesses are welcome to arrange their own parklet design and, if approved, installation will be at their own cost. The design must meet the road safety requirements and be reviewed by Council. Similar to the Summer Parklet Program, applicants should also provide evidence of the support of their neighbours. Council will assist you with regulatory processes, as per the funded parklets.

Yes – two businesses may apply for parklets that are adjacent to each other, noting the parklet siting guidelines will need to apply to each space. This may be one shared space, or two that are side by side. The space within all parklets has to comply with social distancing requirements.

Council is willing to consider road closures, however they are outside the scope of the Summer Parklet Program. Please contact business@mvcc.vic.gov.au or phone 9243 8866 to discuss this possibility with Council.

Council is willing to look at alternatives that assist businesses to rebound from Covid-19. If you have an idea that is outside of the scope of the Summer Parklet Program, please contact business@mvcc.vic.gov.au or phone 9243 8866 to discuss what options may be available to you.

Council is not supporting private outdoor dining as part of the Summer Parklet Program. However, the State Government has indicated that funding will soon be available for businesses to prepare for outdoor dining. We will provide a link here once more information is known.

The parklets are designed to be easily installed and easily removed. If you are not happy with the parklet you will need to advise Council in writing and the parklet will be removed. You would not be eligible for any further parklet funding from Council.

The Summer Parklet Program will conclude and Council will arrange for removal of the parklet. However, should your business be interested in keeping the parklet, Council will work with you and nearby businesses to consider an extension. If granted, at this point Council would require a fee from the business to cover transfer of ownership of the parklet to you. Any fees that are waived as part of the Summer Parklet Program (e.g. public liability insurance) will no longer be waived at the end of the five months. At this stage, the on-going costs are still being determined.

If there is strong demand for parklets, Council will seek to expand the Summer Parklet Program. Any unsuccessful expressions of interest will be kept for consideration in any future rounds of the Summer Parklet Program that may be developed. Please check our website regularly for updates. Sign up to the Economic Development newsletter, E-connect, here: mailchi.mp/mvcc/econnect for another way of keeping in touch and hearing about any program updates.

Council strongly encourages businesses to support each other, and with many trading restrictions in place as part of Victoria’s Roadmap for Reopening, the best support we can give to some businesses is allowing them more outdoor trading space. Remember this is a temporary program. Council will evaluate the impact of the program, so it will also produce valuable data to inform future decisions about initiatives like this. However, Council is looking to provide parklets for businesses that have their neighbours’ support. If there is opposition to parklets, we are not looking to force a parklet into a space. If you don’t like the idea of a parklet, but do want to support outdoor trading, consider other options – for example, agreeing to extended footpath trading for a nearby business.

Guidelines and considerations for hosting a Parklet

Your Parklet proposal will need to be safe and functional. The following are general guidelines:

  • Parklet will be located adjacent, or in close proximity, to your business or venue and may occupy between one and four parking spaces. You must obtain the written support of any other business that the parklet is adjacent to
  • Parklets should be placed where kerbside parking is permitted i.e. avoid No Stopping or Clearway areas
  • The removal of special parking zones, such as disabled, bus, loading or taxi, will generally not be supported
  • Parklets cannot be placed near intersections of any kind, to ensure there are no negative impacts to road users. Safe distances from intersections will be assessed on a site-by-site basis
  • Preference will be given to Parklets that are not adjacent to underground services or drains, as well as existing street furniture/items such as fire hydrants
  • Parklets will be located where appropriate traffic calming measures are in place, on roads 50kph (or lower), and on Council-managed (local) roads
  • Parklets will remain public infrastructure and as such are not to include business logos or advertising signage

Note: Expressions of Interest have been assessed under our Application Criteria plus a road safety audit and site assessment. Expressions of Interest were assessed on a case by case basis using these criteria.

Car park outsite Ascot Vale library

Contact us

Get in touch with us via email business@mvcc.vic.gov.au or phone 9243 8866 and we can help determine whether your location meets site requirements.

Moonee Valley City Council will share the design and schedule the installation in consultation with you. Over the five-month installation, the host will need to ensure ongoing safety and cleanliness is maintained and understand that a Parklet is public space.