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Third runway impacts that can’t be ignored

Third runway impacts that cant be ignored

Moonee Valley City Council has submitted feedback to Melbourne Airport on their 2022 Masterplan.

Moonee Valley Mayor Samantha Byrne said the expansion of Melbourne Airport’s ground infrastructure, additional runways and large increase in flight numbers will have a significant impact on the community of Moonee Valley.

“While this expansion will likely bring considerable economic benefits, Council considers that greater consideration should be given to the impacts of the airport’s expansion on the health, wellbeing and quality of life of the Moonee Valley community,” said Mayor Byrne.

“Our submission speaks to these considerations, and as a Council and a community we seek to be informed on the management of noise impacts and future state planning controls, alternative noise metrics and options for minimising noise impacts, and further consideration of the health impacts and residential amenity.

“We consider that those properties most impacted by the noise from the expansion should receive financial compensation, and that on-ground noise monitoring needs to be increased in key residential areas of Moonee Valley.

“We have continued our advocacy for improved public transport in our municipality and have asked that the Master Plan include support for a train station in Airport West, as this would benefit both our community and Melbourne Airport.

“We have also written to The Hon. Barnaby Joyce MP as the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development to share the details of our submission and express our desire to work together with the Federal Government and Melbourne Airport on the development of this important expansion,” said Mayor Byrne.

Council’s submission to the Melbourne Airport Master Plan 2022 included the following:

Management of noise impacts & future state planning controls

The Melbourne Airport Environs Overlay (MAEO) is based on 2018 noise levels and will only provide limited ability for Council to directly manage and respond to the increased noise impacts of the airport. Council seeks further detail on how these noise risks will be mitigated in the Masterplan (please see section 2.0 for details) .

Council would also like further information on how the Commonwealth Government will engage with the Sate Minister for Planning’s assessment of future planning controls around Melbourne Airport and how local government can be included in the development of meaningful controls to manage the impacts of the Airport expansion (please see section 8.0 for details) .

Alternative noise metrics & options for minimising noise impacts

Airport noise exposure contours (ANEF) are used as the basis for the proposed Masterplan. However, alternative noise metrics, or ‘N’ Contours, provide a more realistic and understandable impact of noise on the level of amenity for our communities. Council considers that N contours should be used to inform all planning decisions rather than just those of a strategic nature, as this will allow Council and the community to better understand noise impacts and respond accordingly (please see section 3.0 for further details). Options for minimising noise impacts, such as limiting the operation certain aircrafts during certain times, should also be considered.

Health impacts and residential amenity

The Masterplan makes it clear that there will be additional properties in Moonee Valley that will experience noise from the airport. Given the health risks and importance of this issue to the community, Council asks that a revised Master Plan and MDP, be prepared, taking the impacts of these risk into consideration.

Council is also concerned that the detail of Melbourne Airport’s Air Quality Assessment is currently insufficient. We suggest that Melbourne Airport commission an independent air quality assessment of the existing and expected emissions from on-site and offsite operations of the airport (please see section 7 for further details).

Community compensation

Airports have wide-ranging known and demonstrable environmental impacts, the costs of which are currently absorbed by the surrounding community. Council considers that those properties most impacted by noise from the Melbourne Airport expansion should receive financial compensation.


A train station in the vicinity of Airport West would provide significant opportunities for works and passengers to access the airport. Council has advocated strongly for this to occur and have requested that the State Government include a new station at the earliest opportunity. We ask that the Master Plan indicate support for a new train station at Airport West given the benefits that this will bring for both the community and Melbourne Airport.


To adequately monitor the noise impacts of the airport and to, where possible, manage flight paths to minimise impacts, Council requests that there be an increase in on-ground noise monitoring stations funded by Melbourne Airport within key residential areas in Moonee Valley.