What you need to know

Better flood planning

Flooded street with 3 cars under water

We know climate change is making flooding more common, more severe and more damaging.

The devastating scenes across Queensland and New South Wales at the moment cement our need for flood preparedness.

We’re in the process of studying local flooding in Moonee Valley, and determining how we can best manage the impacts. Our drainage infrastructure was designed and installed many decades ago and sometimes can’t deal with the volumes of water we see accompanying major rainfall events. Some residents already experience local flooding and this is predicted to increase.

We need your input to help us understand the extent and location of flooding in our local community. If you’ve experienced flooding at home, or witnessed a flooding event in our municipality, let us know by completing a quick, interactive YourSay activity today.

Complete activity: drop a pin on our map of Moonee Valley, provide details of the flooding, dates (if you remember), upload an image and/or send us a video if you have one.

Your responses will help us plan, mitigate risks, and prepare for flood response initiatives alongside Melbourne Water.

Complete the map activity and learn more: yoursay.mvcc.vic.gov.au

Preliminary consultation closes 28 March 2022.